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More Himbas, Town and a Hot Stone Massage

May 5.  Breakfast at the lodge and a 7 o’clock departure for another Himba village.  This one is larger than the others we visited, and hairstyle and jewelry differ somewhat.  Our local guide, Festus, explains Himba customs and answers questions.  Again we are free to wander around the village to photograph and are invited in to see a Himba woman apply ochre and perfume.
After we’ve walked around for quite some time, a large circle is formed with Himba women and children seated with jewelry, carvings and other crafts in front of them.  We all walk around and wind up buying some things.  The sales effort is more aggressive than what we’ve encountered elsewhere, but not offensive.  And buying a few things seems a fair trade off for the access we’ve been granted.


    We drive into town and wander around the stores and a nearby market with stalls.  There is an amazing array of different people and grabs (and lack thereof), and wandering into a grocery store, a barber shop and a pool hall is quite an experience.  By late morning, it is very hot and dusty, so we return to the hotel for a bit of relaxation and for lunch.


    At 3:30, the rest of the group is visiting another Himba village, but I feel Himbaed out at this point and so have elected to stay back, relax and have a terrific and relaxed hot stone massage.  A good decision, I think.

Reconnect with the group for drinks and dinner.

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