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Keeping Our Safaris on Land

May 16
Up at 5:15, mini-breakfast, out for game drive and back for maxi-breakfast at 9:30. Best way to explain the outing is with photos, below. The first is an excellent example of an uncommon specie, the bright-shoed, rolling-eyed teenager (female) 😄.Long break to relax, blog, begin to pack, etc (interrupted, of course, by another meal) before our river boating safari, starting at 3PM. 

During the break, Carol and Jodi play the traditional African Safari game of spit.

River safari doesn’t happen because of boat problem.So, instead we do another land safari, ending in a great sundowner sunset.  

Black rhinos that supposedly inhabit the park remain clandestine.

As it turns dark, I get the idea of shooting the back of our spotter at slow speeds, as he swings the spot light back and forth across the road. You may hate these (or at least not like so many of them), but I love them, and it’s my damn blog, so I’m puttin’ them in. (I’d be interested in reactions–love ’em, hate ’em, don’t see what the big deal is.)

Back at the lodge we have dinner by the pool under the stars with the manager, Charl. We hear about the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879, which Charl used to lecture on, and about his family’s history in Namibia (his grandfather sold supplies to gold miners) and in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where his family had a wine farm. Back to our chalet to pack for an early start tomorrow

4 comments to Keeping Our Safaris on Land

  • D.J. (Jan) Baker

    Wonderful impressionistic images – we loved them. This may be a whole new area of photographic expression for you!



  • lauri pollack

    I think they are fabulous!

  • Arn,
    Would like to understand more about your photo
    technique. Some interesting, others not so. Is the Orange sky photo one of the series? Really found
    that one stunning.

    All safaris I’ve gone on, seem to lead to WalMart.

    You Little Sis

  • Wendy

    Dadz, I think the artsy photos are very cool, striking, unique. I did like some better than others but, on the whole, very cool.

    Each excursion pretty much blows my mind. Quite a 13th birthday, complete with lions! What song did the Zo sing?

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