Free Day

January 27

Free day and I decide to take it very easy.

Arose early again and was picked up by a taxi at 6AM and driven the short distance to see th monks again. A very different scene than yesterday; no rain and many more people lining the curbs to give alms as the monks pass. I still don’t really know what the hell I’m doing, but have at least a few salvageable shots.

Back to the hotel for breakfast. Carol goes off with four others in the group for a cooking lesson at The Sofitel, including shopping for the food at the local market. They report that it was great fun.

I spent my time farting around with various technical issues, some of which were solved Ann not. Karl spent a lot of time with me on the iPad issues and also looking at and commenting on photos, and showing me some new apps that should help me. He set me up on Google Photos, which should improve access to photos and organization, and downloaded Snapseed a great app for modifying photos.

We meet the group at seven in the lobby and go to dinner. Afterwards, we walk through the night market, buying a few little things and taking photos.

Manage to get lost walking home, take a tuk-tuk driver who doesn’t know where the hell he’s going, so we make him take us back to where we started and find another driver who knows the way to the hotel.

6 comments to Free Day

  • Phoebe

    Sounds like a very fun and more relaxing day. Sorry about your ongoing technical issues but I’m enjoying any photos that you can manage to upload!

    Love you,

  • Paul W

    Your photos are still grand Arnie – love seeing where your eyes take you. Keep shooting.

  • leslie paul

    great pictures.happy you have recovered form the near disaster.. what city was this??? les

  • leslie paul

    great pictures.. happy you have recovered from the near disaster.. what city was htis ??? les

  • arnie

    Don’t know what “this” means. If you mean where the accident happened, it was in Thailand, making our way to Laos.

  • fred gordon

    terific depth and perspective in the night market shot..Carolhad fun in the kitchen!

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