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Take off day, minus a couple

We plan our trips so far in advance, that it’s usually a bit of a shock when they finally come around. That’s sorta fun, though; makes it a surprise trip. site analysis This one is no exception. I’m still down in Sarasota, Carol just left after spending a long MLK Day weekend here and tomorrow I leave for Chicago to prepare for takeoff two days later. Main purpose of this post, though, is to try out the new blog. If you’re reading this, it worked. See you soon, in India.

2 comments to Take off day, minus a couple

  • W.

    This is really cool. I like the very simple (and classy) look. I like it better than the other looks. And it’s really cool that it’s powered by WordPress so that you can have your book and everything right here.
    I’ll look forward to email notification #1.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip,

  • Looks good from here, have a great trip! K

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