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Winding Down

June 3. This morning I enjoy a leisurely breakfast on our patio and, after a quick breakfast, Carol goes off for a yoga class.
Eka picks us up at 9AM and we swing by the temple at Mendut, so the Lewises can see it. Meanwhile, Carol bargains for some purchases at the nearby market and, as usual, is pursued by multiple sellers seeking to make a deal.We drive on to visit a combined Hindu/Buddhist Temple at Plaosan
then move on to an interesting Hindu temple discovered underground at Sambisari
Carol and Valerie walk through flagged streets to get to the siteWe see some young nuns engrossed in their cell phonesEka shows us a map to help us to situate where we’ve been.After lunch, we drive on to the Jogy airport for our flight to Jakarta.

Arriving in Jakarta, our guide takes us to our nearby hotel, the Sheraton Bandara, a very nice modern (but unexceptional) place.  We decline his suggestion that we ride some 35 minutes in to see Old Jakarta.  It’s hot, and we’ve about had it.  We have drinks with the Lewises in the hotel bar, go up to our room briefly and then meet for dinner.

We’ve left a 3:20 wake up-call, have breakfast scheduled in the room for 3:30 and will be driven to the airport at 4:00.  Long haul tomorrow will provide some time for reflection.

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