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Winding Town, a Final Market and Farewell Dinner

November 11

Set off after breakfast (scrambled eggs again) for the old part of Kaili, a city that has grown dramatically over the past decade or so to a population of about 400,000. Judging from the enormous amount of new construction that we can see from our hotel window, it’s probably destined to at least double in size in the coming years.

Short bus ride to the old city of Kaili, where we walk through an enormous, bustling market that materializes every Sunday. Minority groups wearing traditional garb mix with western dress. Because of the large number of people and high level of activity, it’s not ideal for photographing, with the notable exception of a small lane, inhabited by old men selling tobacco and pipes, who are smoking. After a couple hours, we return to the hotel, then out to a nearby restaurant for lunch.







Three members of the group decide to go to a final village. Several others buy embroidered work from a guy who set up shop in the hotel lobby. I spend some time with Nevada, getting her comments on some of the photos I’ve downloaded, which is very helpful, both in confirming many of my impressions and getting a different perspective on some of them.

Pull some things together, blog and rest up before our farewell dinner, which is held at at another hotel and features Beijing Duck. I read “what really happened on our trip blog” and people seemed to enjoy it. Many toasts and comments about what a great trip we had.


2 comments to Winding Town, a Final Market and Farewell Dinner

  • Eve Lecvine

    I am going to miss your blogs. I looked forward to them and enjoyed them very much.

  • Wendy

    That last shot (not the one of your group, but the one before) is enough to make a person become a vegetarian for life. Barf!

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