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A quiet day in Hoi An and at the hotel

October 23.  Partook of a lavish breakfast buffet with Chet and Nancy, outside overlooking the beach and the main swimming pool. Interestingly, Chat and Nancy shared our view of the hotel, incredible both in what it is and in its failure to recognize the disadvantages of a room that seems almost booby trapped for the guests—think Cu Chi Tunnels, dark and trapped, but without the spikes to impale you when/if you fall. After breakfast, we walked back to our villa along the beach. Here are photos of Carol outside our villa and of our villa taken from the beach. (We and Chet and Nancy occupy all three buildings). 
We take a hotel shuttle into Hoi An. We stop in a tailor shop, for which the city is known. Chet and Nancy are more engaged in shopping there, so we part ways with them.

Carol and I have a good time looking at the street scenes and going to a local market that seems much more authentic than the one we saw in Saigon.
Around noon, Carol and I taxi back to our hotel and have an excellent lunch in a heavenly breeze by the main hotel pool, over looking the ocean. We head back to our room to rest, read, blog, etc.  I take a refreshing swim in our private swimming pool, which is probably 20 yards long and is at the perfect temperature for swimming laps.

Chet and Nancy have arranged for massages, so we are to meet them at 7:30.  As Nancy is too tired, Chet, Carol and I  taxi into town to a restaurant called Morning Glory, which was recommended to us by our guide on the way to the hotel from the airport last evening.  We have a terrific Vietnamese dinner, definitely the best meal we’ve had.  Getting there and back we walk througha bustling and colorfully-lit old part of Hoi An, with a lot of street traffic (pedestrians, since no cars are allowed) and shops.

After dinner, we catch the shuttle back to the hotel, and retire.

(I had difficulty downloading some of the photos from earlier in the day and all of those from tonight, so I’m going to see if I can put them into another post tonight.)

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