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In the Cu Chi Tunnel

October 22.  At 8:00 a.m. after breakfast, our guide meets us at the hotel. On the hour and a half ride, we have a far-ranging discussion with Hoan about the issues Vietnam faces today, as well as subjects as far afield as soccer. Hoan is apparently an excellent player and travels with teams to play around Vietnam.
We drive through Saigon’s motor bike-infested roads to the amazing Cu Chi Tunnels. Built over a period of 25 years beginning in the 1940s to sabotage the French occupiers, the tunnels are marvels of engineering, stretching from Saigon to the Cambodian border. Parts of the tunnels descend several stories deep, and include living areas, storage facilities, weapons factories, field hospitals and kitchens. The tunnels stretch for 250 kilometers and allowed the North Vietnamese to engage in combat in an area completely surrounded by American and South Vietnamese troops. We see the way the tiny entrances were cleverly camouflaged by the Viet Cong and the various forms of traps they built to capture and skewer American and South Vietnamese soldiers.We continue on to the Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh stopping briefly for Hoan to explain about the collection of rubber from rubber trees.  At Cao Dai we take in a small part of the very colorful midday service.Afterwards, we have lunch at a local restaurant, the proprietor of which fought at age 14 in the Cu Chin tunnels which we had visited this morning. Here she’s pictured with Chet, holding a military commendation below a photo of her with the president of Vietnam.
After lunch we are taken, in a driving rain, to the airport for our 6:25PM hour-long flight on Vietnam Air to Danang, arriving at the airport before 4PM and bidding farewell to Hoan, who did a very good job.  Interestingly, though his English was not good, technically, we was completely understandable, more so than guides we’ve had who spoke better English.  We spent time in the not luxurious, but comfortable enough, business lounge.  Upon arrival in Danang, we are met and transferred to our hotel in Hoi An, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai.

Our hotel is incredible, in more ways than one.  Our villa is amazing.  Here is the living room that we share with Chet and Nancy.  It looks out on our own large, private pool, beyond which is the beach and the ocean.And here’s Carol standing in our bedroom suite (which overlooks the pool and the beach and the ocean).And here’s a not very good photo of part of our bathroom, which includes both indoor and outdoor showers.All of these photos do not do justice to the villa and room.  Incredible.  But here’s what’s also incredible.  Chet and Nancy and we both ordered room service for dinner, and they delivered our orders to the wrong suites.  Our suite is on three levels, separated by a few dark stairs, calculated to assure that guests will break their necks.  The huge desk on the top level of our suite has no plugs to plug computers, iPads, iPhones or anything else into.  Now, I’m sure you’re not crying for us.  Nor should you be, because our stay will be amazing.  I do have to say, though—-Jeeeeeez.

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  • Phoebe

    That sounds like a packed and interesting day–how perfect that the owner had some history with the Cu Chi Tunnel and that you had just visited there!

    Also, look at all those babies on the motorbikes, no helmets, no nothing!! Yikes.

    Love you,
    PS. I was indeed able to find this post through the Village My Son post

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