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January 22. After breakfast, we go to visit the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Founded in 1351 it was the capital of Thailand until 1767, when it was sacked by the Burmese, and the capital was eventually moved to Bangkok. First, we stop at the summer palace, beautifully manicured, but not all that interesting.

Thereafter we photograph the numerous ancient temples, two reclining Buddha’s and more, stopping for a Pad Thai lunch between two of the sites.

The weather is hotter than hell so our visits to the various sites were not as long as they might otherwise have been, knowing that the air conditioned bus awaited.

We also saw some people, and, of course, a couple cute kids.

We return to Bangkok around 5PM, and say goodbye to our guide of the past two days, Moo, who is a nice fellow and tries hard, but is pretty much incomprehensible, so the Group largely tunes him out. Carol and I have an unsuccessful shopping expedition at the Jim Thompson store not far from the hotel, then return to relax and shower.

We go out to dinner with Joseph and Robert at a restaurant not far from the hotel, called Somboon. Excellent meal and fun conversation. Back to the hotel to pack and retire.

3 comments to Ayutthaya

  • Paul Woo

    Arnie – Saw the new camera! Images look pretty great. Do check your settings for image aspect ratio and image size settings on your camera if that is possible. The photos are dominating your blog page and are disproportionate to the text. Ask your photographer experts for guidance – I could be wrong about why the images are scaled inappropriately on your blog. Say hi to Carol and continued best wishes on your journey.

  • Jean Zunkel

    You start my morning with a laugh…..I love that

  • Looks like a difficult life my brother. Glad you seem to be bearing the burdens with grace… I mean Carol 🙂

    Super photos as usual!

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