Floating and Royalty

January 21. After breakfast at the hotel, we depart on a large, luxurious bus for Damnern Saduak (Bangkok’s famed “floating market”). On the bus, our guide, Moo, talks to us about Thai culture and history. We learn the greeting “swatikop” ( for men) and “swatika” (for women), and the proper way to bow to show respect. We pass fields of salt and go through towns with pictures of the king, Rama X, one of which I took a photo of yesterday, somewhat ironically, with my iPhone X. After the hour and a half bus ride, we explore and photograph the daily spectacle of the floating market from our private long-tailed boat. The market is very crowded and not too easy to photograph, but both the boat ride and the market were great fu

After some delicious iced mocha coffee, we take the 1 1/2 hour bus ride back to Bangkok and have lunch at the Navy Court.

In the afternoon we visit and photograph Bangkok’s ornate Royal Palace. Moo was our guide.The Palace was amazing.

Part of the fun was watching other photographers.

And guess who showed up as a surprise photographer; the person who was never going to go on another photography trip.

After a much needed rest, and an even more needed shower, we met and walked to dinner at an excellent nearby restaurant. After a terrific dinner, out for some night street photography and then to the Pink Panther for some 11PM pole dancing and Thai kick-boxing.

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