May 22. We are rise early this morning for a private bird watching excursion on a 64-acre site of coastal vegetation, which is habitat for over 60 species of birds, some which are are only native to Borneo. As our days in Borneo will largely be spent viewing birds and other flora and fauna, they […]


May 23. We had planned to rise early again for another morning of bird watching in the reserve with our guide. But on the advice of our travel agent, so as to be sure not to miss the orangutan feeding, we switched to a 4AM pickup and transfer to the airport in time for our very […]

Cruising Rivers and a Lake

May 24. Today we explore the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, with three separate cruises, the first starting at 6:15 and ending at 10, with breakfast back at the lodge. After relaxing and lunch, to avoid the heat of the day, we set out again at 4, return for dinner at 6 and then set out on […]

In the Primary Rainforest

May 25. After an early breakfast outside at the lodge, we are driven some two hours to Lahad Datu, where we have coffee at the main office of the local travel company and transfer to another vehicle in order to continue to the Borneo Rainforest Lodge on the shores of the Danum River. The additional […]

Bird’s Eye View of Birds

May 26. We arise early for a sumptuous breakfast served by our adorable butler, Jariah, in our private pavilion overlooking the river with a backdrop of forest. Doesn’t get much better than this. There is ample food for ten, at least, and we’re all embarrassed by the waste and have told Jariah that we’d like […]