Bumpy a Ride to Cartagena

February 13 Some group members return to Chupundun with Nevada to photograph in the first light of day, but I pass, having felt a bit uncomfortable in our first visit to that village. Mid-morning, after breakfast, we return to Cartagena via private boat, a very bumpy two-hour ride.   Here’s Patti, relaxing on the boat, […]

Isolate Santa Cruz

February 12 On Punta Faro, we’re treated to luxury resort service and comforts – an exclamation point to our journey after a week of intense photography and travel. Punta Faro also gives us something else that few others get to experience: direct and local access to one of the little-known places in Colombia, Islote Santa […]

En Route to Punta Faro

February 11 We set out at 4:30 for an hour drive to a ferry we are to take. As we approach the ferry, we encounter a line of trucks. Apparently, a truck has been stuck on the ferry since yesterday and it can’t be moved. So, we are forced to turn around and circle around […]

Early Morning Walk, River Cruise in Mompos

February 10 In the early morning (5:30) we take a walk around town, waking up with the city and watching it come to life. We stop for a small, strong cup of coffee at a small square, then go to watch school children in uniform arrive at their school around 6:15, riding on the backs […]

En Route to Mompos

February 9 Today is a travel day. We take a luxuriously private bus to carry us along our bumpy six-hour route to the port town of Magangué, stopping for lunch at a very colorful restaurant called El Gustico Costeño. The owners have never hosted a group of photographers before, and are amazed at our enthusiasm […]