Carnaval in daylight

February 6 Modest breakfast at hotel, then Nevada, Cynthia and I go shopping at the local market that I had skipped to nap yesterday. Left without my camera, but felt naked without it, so returned from the market to the hotel to get it. Here are a few photos from that excursion, which wound up […]

Visiting the Barrios and a Last Parade

February 7 We breakfast at the hotel, then, at about 10AM, head out into barrios (neighborhoods) to seek out the true spirit of Colombia in the barrios streets. We visit two neighborhoods and the group disperses in many direction to meet and photograph the locals, who could not be friendlier.  

I have another opportunity […]


February 8

One of the most important tourist hubs in South America, Cartagena is a gem. Old world colonial façades mask modern boutique hotels and restaurants on the inside. Narrow streets with horse-drawn carriages prance past and the Caribbean evening light reflects ambers and lavenders overhead. Shopping, eating and walking throughout the center of this […]

En Route to Mompos

February 9 Today is a travel day. We take a luxuriously private bus to carry us along our bumpy six-hour route to the port town of Magangué, stopping for lunch at a very colorful restaurant called El Gustico Costeño. The owners have never hosted a group of photographers before, and are amazed at our enthusiasm […]

Early Morning Walk, River Cruise in Mompos

February 10 In the early morning (5:30) we take a walk around town, waking up with the city and watching it come to life. We stop for a small, strong cup of coffee at a small square, then go to watch school children in uniform arrive at their school around 6:15, riding on the backs […]