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Early Morning Walk, River Cruise in Mompos

February 10
In the early morning (5:30) we take a walk around town, waking up with the city and watching it come to life. We stop for a small, strong cup of coffee at a small square, then go to watch school children in uniform arrive at their school around 6:15, riding on the backs of motor scooters driven by their parents. A similar scene in the US would involve lines of SUVs. We walk by the river, a cemetery (with many cats), a church in which Ash Wednesday services are being held and a dilapidated former theater. It’s cooler in the morning and everyone greets us with, “buenas dias” or just “buenas.”


After breakfast at the hotel, we walk along the river to a pier to board the boar we’ve rented for a two-hour boat trip on the river. Because of drought, the river is low and, since the steering on the boat appears to be broken, we ride up and back repeatedly, covering perhaps a hundred meters. This does not seem destined to be a trip highlight, but at least the boat is covered, so we’re not in the blistering sun, and it is something different.

  Back to the hotel to cool off, blog and nap. I evidently misunderstood the time at which a group was going to go to some jewelry stores to check out what is supposed to be fine filigree work in silver and gold. Tried to find the group walking, but then flagged down a motorized car, who added me to the passenger he already had. He took me all over town on a bit of a harrowing ride in an unsuccessful attempt to find my compatriots.

I finally told him to let me out and I walked around a bit, stopped in some jewelry stores but I don’t have a clue what’s fine filigree work. And, it was hotter than hell, so I bought an ice cream (actually a sort of lime Popsicle, ate it quickly before it melted and walked back to the hotel to get back into air conditioning.


As evening hits, we separate out and enjoy some individual time exploring, making images mostly on our own, finding details to capture this intoxicating town. Dinner outside in a plaza.

2 comments to Early Morning Walk, River Cruise in Mompos

  • Wendy

    Great pics, Dadz. I like the one of the man with the dogs, the one of the balcony with the flowers, and, most of all, the one of the three kids. I’d like a print of that one. The last picture is really beautiful and the ones with the roaming cats are so bizarre. Sounds like you had a couple of busts (the boat that went nowhere and the jewelry that did not impress) but, overall, I’d say “intoxicating” aint too bad.

  • Zoe-Bug

    I love the pics, especially the one of the three kids. Did you have fun with the cats? 🙂

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