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En Route to Punta Faro

February 11
We set out at 4:30 for an hour drive to a ferry we are to take. As we approach the ferry, we encounter a line of trucks. Apparently, a truck has been stuck on the ferry since yesterday and it can’t be moved. So, we are forced to turn around and circle around in our bus for a four-hour return towards the Caribbean coast. Pass through villages with stores lining the road, somewhat reminiscent of Ghana. Garbage lines the side of the road. 

Arrive at Tulo only half an hour later than we would have by ferry, then take a 20-minute boat ride that turns out to be an hour.    We leave via private boat from Tolu to the Parque National Natural Los Corales del Rosario y de San Bernardo. Or, Hotel Punta Faro! Punto Faro is an exclusive resort on its own island, shared with Chupundun, a small village on other side of island. Very nice, indeed.  After lunch, lounge out beneath a thatch roof by the sea, with cool, heavenly breezes, a far cry from the sweltering heat of Mompos. 

We take an afternoon circuit around the island, checking out the town just behind the hotel. It’s a small village with friendly families, whose livelihood depends on the warm waters and the hotel visitors.  


We have a big, outdoor buffet dinner with a rather incongruous music video playing on a large screen, then retire early from what has been a long day.


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