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Game, a Church and Milking Cows

April 26.  We awake early for breakfast and an early morning game drive that allows us to experience the stark contrast between the river and the barren desert landscape and mountains that abut it.  The game sighted includes more giraffes, oryx, ostriches, baboons and many species of birds.  Compared to game viewing we’ve done elsewhere in Africa, this was unexceptional, but worthwhile as a way of seeing the area. We do not see either desert elephants or rhinos, which would have made the drive more exciting.
Back to the lodge for lunch and, for some (not us) swimming.  Nevada spends half an hour with me reviewing and commenting on some of my images, which is very useful to me.  Her comments are frank, constructive, but generous in recognizing good qualities of some of my images.
We head back to the church in Puros, as Nevada had promised the clergyman (who we learn is referred to as the bishop) yesterday.  Church services had ended three hours before we arrive, so I was very skeptical that anyone would be there.  But I was very wrong, as a full entourage awaits us dressed in full regalia.  The bishop asks Nevada to offer a blessing to all, which, after being a bit thrown by the request, she does very well.  The bishop then offers his own blessing and then the church group sings a song for us in perfect harmony, akin to the South African music that Paul Simon recorded many years ago. At our request, they oblige us with another song.  The bishop’s real agenda is fulfilled when first Nevada and then the rest of us take photos of the group (including a mother nursing her baby) both inside and outside the church.
We drive from there to a place where the Hinba cattle are being kept. They are herded in shortly after we arrive.  Two Herero and one Hinba woman, each in native costume milk cows, shooing away calves who want to nurse while there mothers are being milked.  After many photos and fond goodbyes, we depart for the drive to the lodge, where after more than a half hour of drinks, we are treated to another excellent dinner.  We retire to prepare for tomorrow’s early departure.
I’ve suggested to everyone in the group, and they’ve agreed, that we come up with a group gift to the church.  Our guide, Terry, will collect the money and rather than give them cash, acquire something that will help with the new church they are building.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to an area that we’re told will not have internet, so it may be several days before my next post.

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