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Entering Damaraland

April 27.  After an early breakfast, we continue on in our safari vehicles, heading south and east into the diverse region of Damaraland. Along the very bumpy ride, we sight giraffes, oryx, baboons, ostriches, springboks and many bird species.
En route we stop at a small village where Nevada delivers photos she took last year, and we have an opportunity to photograph some Herero women and children.
Damaraland is typified by displays of color, magnificent table topped mountains, rock formations and bizarre-looking vegetation. The present day landscape has been formed by the erosion of wind, water and geological forces which have formed rolling hills, dunes, gravel plains and ancient river terraces. It is the variety and loneliness of the area as well as the scenic splendor that is truly lovely. This is a riveting and long day spent traveling through some of Namibia’s most remote areas. We take our time enjoying stops along the way, including a picnic lunch out of the hot sun, under the shade of a tree.  In the afternoon, we pass a fence that stretches west to east across Southern Africa to prevent diseased beef from the north to get into the south.  We stop several times to photograph the spectacular landscape, then late in the afternoon we spot an elephant and stop to observe it for a long while.  We arrive at our unique camp just after sunset, having spent 10 1/2 hours on the road.


Mowani Mountain Camp is ideally located a short drive from the local attractions in the area. The Camp is nestled among giant granite boulders, overlooking the ephemeral Aba Huab riverbed where desert adapted elephants often traverse. The thatch dome-shape structures echo the shape of the rough textured surrounding granite boulders, a theme complemented by African woodcarvings and artifacts. We are in luxury East African style en-suite tents built on raised wooden platforms, each with a private verandah and splendid views over the Aba Huab valley.  This is one beat place, and Carol and I agree that it’s much more to our taste than the elephant lodge we came from (though that was not too shabby, either).
A shower after the long day’s drive feels very good.  After that, we wander up for drinks by an open fire and dinner in the main dining room.

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