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Photos From Namibia

i know that this is cheating a bit, and that it would be better to insert these into other posts, but I don’t have time to fit these photos exactly where they belong in past posts, so, with apologies, I’m giving them to you en masse.



4 comments to Photos From Namibia

  • lauri pollack

    wow, this is really special. What a gift to see first hand.

  • Jean Zunkel

    Photos are amazing. Glad you were able to upload some…

  • susie Kiphart

    These photos are completely amazing and wonderful. Can’t wait to hear about this trip. Again, looks like we get hospitality lessons from Africa! Travel Mercies. See you soon.

  • Wow. I especially loved the one of the mother and baby and the ones with wild animals.
    I can’t wait to see you and Gee-Gee for Z’s b-day.

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