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April 3.

Well, we made it.

Phoebe’s whole family came out to the Atlanta airport to see her off. We’re early, so we spend a couple hours in the Delta Sky Club, where some casino is played

before flying from Atlanta through NY (JFK) where, of course, Phoebe was on Google Hangout with her whole family

to Accra, the capital of Ghana. Phoebe is introduced to the amenities of flying business class.

There’s probably no going back for her now. The flight over is long, an hour shorter than scheduled, though, 9 instead of 10 hours, but comfortable. We all watched Wonder with Julia Roberts, which was touching, if a bit predictable. I watched about a third of Loving Vincent, an interesting concept, but I tired of loving him after a while. And here’s a combo breakfast sunrise shortly before we land in Accra.

At the Accra airport we are met by our delightful friend, Daniel Kwarteng, a 25-year old Ghanaian who has a degree in business and runs the pineapple farm we will be visiting, that was started by Daniel’s father, Joe Kwarteng, and our close friend, Dick Kiphart.  Daniel has taken a week off of work at the farm in order to show us around during our trip to Ghana. He picks us up at the airport, with the comfortable SUV he’s rented, with driver, and we’re driven us to our hotel, the Movenpick, to rest after the long flight. We’ve booked a room for Daniel there, as well. The hotel is quite beautiful, with a lot of interesting artwork, but we’re way to early to get into our room, so we hang out on the concierge floor, hoping to get into our rooms soon.

After quite some time, we give up and take off for an African art gallery that Carol and I have been to several times. Fun to walk through the gallery, but we’re too tired and hot fully to enjoy it. The drive over gives Phoebe a look at Ghanaian street life, with women carrying baskets loaded with goods on their heads and all sorts of vendors approaching cars at stop lights (Daniel says that one could go out naked and by the time you arrive at work be fully dressed from everything that’s sold on the street).

After the gallery, we head to a nearby casket shop, which carves caskets designed to reflect the interests or occupation of the deceased. Here’s a crab for a fisherman.

By now, we’re almost ready for caskets ourselves, so we head back to the hotel, where after a bit more time on the concierge floor, we get into our room and completely crash.

Some three or so hours later, we awaken, feeling much closer to human. We call Daniel to tell him that we’re not up for riding twenty minutes to the nice restaurant he’s picked for us. He says, “no problem,” which is hie easygoing and helpful response to everything. Phoebe and I blog (by the way, Phoebe is having problems with the other address that I gave in my blog, so, if you want to follow her, please use

After blogging, we meet the person Daniel has gotten to come over to our hotel to change dollars into Ghanain cedis for us, 4.4 cedis to the dollar. We have some appetizers in the concierge club, than go down to the restaurant, which tonight features an excellent Indian buffet, which we all opt for. After dinner, we call it a ridiculously early evening at about 7:30, hoping to sleep well and not awaken too early in the morning, preparing for our first “real”day in Ghana.

5 comments to Accra

  • Gil cornfield

    I love the casket and your humor.

  • Zoe

    Sounds like a long, but good day. Can’t wait for the next post!


  • Wendy

    It is just beyond wonderful that Daniel is taking the week off to show you around! Nothing could be more special. It isn’t news to me, of course, but reading it/seeing it here, I’m appreciating it all over again. Please give Daniel a giant hug for me and let him know how thankful I am for the time he’s spending with (you and) Phoebe!

  • Ahdina

    I absolutely love the casket idea, although I’m not ready yet, and I’m not sure what it would be! Day 1 is already amazing!

  • Eve Levine

    Looking forward to your future posts! It really is exciting!

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