Another Day in the Field; Meetings and Midwives

Whew, having recreated the deleted day, I can move on.

Breakfast at the Inn. Susie said she’d awakened thinking how lucky we were to be in a country at peace. However real the issues might be, people were not getting up every day afraid that they’d be shot, as was true in many places.

We […]

In the Field

Well, Tuesday was a fabulous day, and I wrote it up in great detail while it was still fresh in my mind. Unfortunately, though, you’re not going to learn all that much about it. Bloggers nightmare: I managed somehow irretrievably to lose it. So, I’m just going to be able to give you overall impressions, […]

Healthy Start

After the rough arrival, our first real working day was a decided step in the right direction. Slept well, and courtesy of a loan from Dick, was able to put on fresh clothes for the day.

After a good breakfast at the Inn, we set out for Dr. Annie’s clinic in Kumasi, heavy city traffic […]

Bad Travel Karma, Traveling Light and Late

Well, we’re on the plane, and we’ve already had an adventure.

Met Dick, Susie, Funmi and Sola (if you don’t know them, look back at the first post) at O’Hare and we flew to JFK, spending time together in the Delta Skyclub there. Sola and Funmi showed us photos of the wonderful trip they had […]

Cast of Characters

August 23, 2012

Not sure whether blogging ethicists would condone this pre-trip post, but I have my reasons for doing it, and I should at least get a few points for being up front.

I’m taking off for Ghana in two days, my third trip in as many years. Some of you may have followed […]