Preparing for Namibia

Well, we’re headed to Namibia.  Where the hell is that, you ask?  Well, here’s a map, which, as you can see, places it above South Africa and west of Botswana.


Why Namibia?  Well, why not?  We haven’t been there, and we’ve heard from multiple sources that it’s terrific, so it’s been high […]

Bird’s Eye View of the Trip

Sunday/Monday, April 19-20, 2015.  The trip over to Africa is never easy, but Carol and I have made it so many times (this is our tenth) that we know full well what we’re in for.  We set out from Chicago at about 11AM on April 19 to Washington Dulles and, after a 4-hour stint in […]

Arrival in Namibia

Tuesday, April 21.  We had drinks and something to eat at the modern and comfortable Intercontinental Hotel, a quick walk from the airport, with Nevada, Kathy and Erika last evening.  Went up to bed early, but neitherCarol nor I slept very well, but at least had a long rest.

After breakfast at the hotel, our […]

Meeting the Bushmen

Wednesday April 22​​ After breakfast this morning, we were transferred to Eros Airport in Windhoek where we met our pilot for the 2-hour flight to the Tsumkwe region, previously known as Bushmanland. We left in three planes, each carrying three guests and a pilot. Flying over rather barren, uninteresting terrain, with occasional bumps or drops, […]

Technical difficulties

Just wanted to report that all is well, but having trouble not only uploading photos, but accessing stuff I’ve written.  Will send more when/if I solve this.  On the positive side, the trip is great.