On the Road to the Dunes

April 30. After breakfast at the hotel, we drive a short distance from Swakopmund to visit two poor townships nearby, Mondesa and DRC. They are a stark contrast to the prosperous city we spent the night in. Again, Nevada delivers photos she has taken last year to the people, including Agnes of Agnes Barber Shop […]

Off to the Coast, Cave Carvings and Paintings, Chameleons and Shipwrecks

April 29.  We are a bit sad to be leaving the Mowani  Mountain Camp today, because it ranks right near the top of all the places we’ve stayed in the world (and we’ve stayed at some pretty spectacular places).  After breakfast at the hotel, we drive to visit the nearby attractions and geological sites of […]

Photos From Namibia

i know that this is cheating a bit, and that it would be better to insert these into other posts, but I don’t have time to fit these photos exactly where they belong in past posts, so, with apologies, I’m giving them to you en masse.


Entering Damaraland

April 27.  After an early breakfast, we continue on in our safari vehicles, heading south and east into the diverse region of Damaraland. Along the very bumpy ride, we sight giraffes, oryx, baboons, ostriches, springboks and many bird species. En route we stop at a small village where Nevada delivers photos she took last year, […]

Game, a Church and Milking Cows

April 26.  We awake early for breakfast and an early morning game drive that allows us to experience the stark contrast between the river and the barren desert landscape and mountains that abut it.  The game sighted includes more giraffes, oryx, ostriches, baboons and many species of birds.  Compared to game viewing we’ve done elsewhere […]